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The America We Deserve by Donald Trump

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The America We Deserve Donald Trump

Donald Trump for President?

Donald Trump The America We Deserve
The America We Deserve
The concept isn't exactly new. In January 2000, Manhattan billionaire Donald Trump published The America We Deserve, a bestselling book that discussed in detail how he would run the United States of America if he were president.

That same year, a reputable poll leading up to the presidential election revealed Donald Trump at number two. This placed him right behind the eventual winner George W. Bush—but ahead of Al Gore, who was Vice President at the time.

Donald Trump chose not to seek the Oval Office in 2000, but has entertained the idea during subsequent presidential campaign seasons. Indeed, "Trump for President" campaign gear is always plentiful online!

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Donald Trump may run for president. Is that a good idea? Haven't enough Americans already been told, "You're fired?"

A Country Desperate for Leadership

Donald Trump has very outspoken in his criticism of the current crop of Beltway policy makers. Clearly unhappy with the direction in which the United States is headed, Donald Trump has indicated that he is seriously considering a run.

Many fed-up Americans are listening to Donald Trump, and they long to hear him utter the words ... Barry, you're fired!

Donald Trump The America We Deserve

Donald Trump
People are desperate for leadership ... me or somebody.

The America We Deserve
In a poll leading up to the 2000 presidential election, Donald Trump was named the second most popular candidate, right after front-runner George W. Bush. Lagging behind him was then vice president Al Gore.

"Nobody ever accused me of modesty, but it's a tremendous honor to have millions of people considering you for high office when you didn't seek it out," responded the iconic New York businessman.

That same year, Donald Trump published The America We Deserve, which discusses in detail how he would run the country if he were president.

I recently had a front row seat at a business meeting where Donald Trump was the featured speaker. He made it very clear how unhappy he is with the way our country is being run by the current crop of politicians.

When someone in the ballroom shouted out "Mr. Trump, run for president," the entire audience broke out in thunderous applause.

Donald Trump
I would lower the taxes for people in this country and corporations in this country and let China and some of the other countries that are ripping us off and making hundreds of billions of dollars a year, let them pay.

The America We Deserve
by Donald J. Trump
Donald Trump
I have made the tough decisions, always with an eye toward the bottom line. Perhaps it's time America was run like a business.

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Donald Trump The America We Deserve

Donald Trump
I wouldn't be wearing flip-flops. I don't like it. I don't think that is what the president is supposed to be representing.

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