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The Duck Song Quiz

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Duck Song Quiz

Created by Bryant Oden with Illustrations by Forrest Whaley
Songwriter Bryant Oden specializes in funny children's songs for holidays and special occasions. He's also written a number of tongue twister and interactive tunes. Kids especially love his bedtime songs.

The Duck Song is his most popular creation to date, with millions of YouTube views. Everyone loves the whimsical animations created by wunderkind filmmaker and illustrator Forrest Whaley.

Children and adults enjoy watching the determined duck waddle back and forth to the lemonade stand in search of ... Oops! I almost gave it away. Let's see if you know. Three videos featuring The Duck Song are provided below. Enjoy watching them all, and then take our fun quiz.

The Duck Song

The Duck Song 2

The Duck Song 3

The Duck Song Quiz

The Duck Song Quiz

  1. Who sings The Duck Song?
    Clay Aiken
    Bryant Oden
    Nick Jonas
    Justin Bieber
    Blake Shelton

  2. What did the duck say to the man running the stand?
    Got any lemonade?
    Got any water?
    Got any Red Bull?
    Got any grapes?
    Got any Cold Duck?

  3. What did the duck say when he finally tasted a grape?
    Thanks a bunch!
    Grapes are great!
    May I have another, please?
    Hmmm ... no thanks.
    I go ape for grapes!

  4. In The Duck Song 2, what did the woman offer to the duck?
    Grape popsicle
    Grape gum
    Grape yogurt
    Grape Slurpee
    Grape Nuts

  5. How did the duck offer to pay for the grape chapstick?
    He asked the woman to charge it to his Discover Card
    He gave her a large sack of pennies
    He wanted to trade it for a duck egg
    He gave her a silver dollar
    He asked her to put it on his bill

  6. In The Duck Song 2, where did the duck go?
    He walked up to a hot dog stand
    He walked in to a 7-Eleven
    He walked up to a corner store
    He walked in to an ice cream parlor
    He walked up to a Taco Bell

  7. How old was Forrest Whaley when he illustrated The Duck Song?

  8. In The Duck Song 2, what did the woman threaten to do to the duck?
    Ruffle his feathers
    Spray paint him purple
    Throw grapes at him
    Turn him in to the police
    Tape him to the wall with duct tape

  9. In The Duck Song 3, what did the duck ask the woman?
    Got any quackers?
    Got any lemonade?
    Got any bananas?
    Got any duct tape?
    Got any root beer?

  10. Which of these does NOT describe songwriter Bryant Oden?
    He teaches English as a Second Language (ESL)
    He's a former child care counselor
    He's a supervisor at a treatment center for children
    He's written more than 70 children's songs
    He runs a lemonade stand in Colorado

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The Duck Song
Songwriter Bryant Oden and illustrator Forrest Whaley's viral hit The Duck Song has received millions of views on YouTube. The popular tune has spawned subsequent versions, as well as a number of interesting parodies.

The Duck Song
by Bryant Oden

Who is Bryant Oden?
A resident of Boulder, Colorado, Bryant Oden has written more than 70 children's songs. He's a former child care counselor who supervises a treatment center for children, and teaches English as a Second Language (ESL) at the college level.

Who is Forrest Whaley?
Illustrator Forrest Whaley was just 14 years old when he created the video animation for The Duck Song. He lives in St. Louis, Missouri.

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