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Asante Africa Foundation Advisor Dennis Lyamuya

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Dennis Lyamuya - Tanzania
  • Tanzanian Chagga Tribal Elder
  • Mweke Wildlife College Student President
  • Advocate for EcoTourism Methods
  • Trusted Advisor for Asante Africa Foundation

Dennis Lyamuya grew up on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest volcanic mountain in Africa. As the oldest of nine children, Dennis was given the traditional Chagga tribal name "Mrio," which means "someone who will support the family."

Dennis completed the equivalent of U.S. high school in Tanzania, but his family did not have the finances to send him to university. He went to work as a porter and cook on Mount Kilimanjaro, during which time he ascended the famous mountain more than 220 times.

The hard work paid off—Dennis was eventually promoted to Mountain Guide, and his employer sent him to the College of Wildlife Management. While studying, Dennis became extremely knowledgeable about environmental and natural resource protection methods, wildlife management, and the impact of humans on the natural environment.

This led to his role as Chief Safari Guide with the National Parks of Tanzania, and opened up opportunities to lecture and teach others about the ideal coexistence of humans and nature.

At the College of African Wildlife Management, Dennis was elected by his peers as President of the Student Council. In this role he has represented 29 nationalities within the student population.

Dennis recently traveled extensively within Tanzania representing the college to the Tanzanian president, the Honorable Jakata Mrisho Kikwete, as well as other ministry dignitaries, tourism leaders, and international political leaders.

Dennis shares his unique perspective on how village values and the gift of education have molded him to become the global leader that he is today.

Dennis is a husband, and the father of two amazing young girls. Presently Dennis is the founder and owner of Kwetu Tanzania, Eco-Tourism and Safaris, a position that has earned him many friends among the travelers who pass through Tanzania.

Dennis Lyamuya
I would like people at home to gain education about how to use the many resources we have, such as tanzanite, diamonds, gold, even the mountains and the fruits. We have everything and need to educate our people on how to use these.

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Dennis Lyamuya
Honored Speaker in Dallas, Texas (2011)
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Farewell to Dennis
Big White House Winery (2011)
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At the end of their visit, Dennis Lyamuya and his party were honored at a special celebration—Livermore wine country style. Friends old and new gathered at Big White House Winery to share stories and fine wines.

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