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Asante Africa Foundation Photo Gallery

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Asante Africa Foundation

Asante Africa Foundation Photo Gallery

Asante Africa Foundation
Mwanaidi Nuhu - Tanzania High School Graduate
Asante Africa Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to providing quality education to children in East Africa.

The Foundation was officially incorporated in the state of California in August 2006.

At present, Asante Africa Foundation supports projects in the East African countries of Kenya and Tanzania. Approximately 83% of donations support in-country programs and projects.

Tanzania projects include Mto Wa Mbu, a small village in the northeast, and another rural community north of Arusha. Kenya projects include Narok, in the Loita Hills near the border of Tanzania, and Limuru, located just outside of Nairobi.

In the future, Asante Africa Foundation has plans to expand into other parts of East Africa. Presently the Foundation continues to build credibility in communities where measurable improvements are underway.

Several of Asante Africa Foundation's school and community projects are highlighted in a series of photographs hosted on Flickr and Facebook. The photo galleries shown below highlight two gala fundraisers, as well as a leadership academy that took place in Tanzania.

Nelson Mandela
Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.

Don't Exchange Girls for Cows ... Give Them Education
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Fundraising Gala (2010)
Asante Africa Foundation

Sunrise Over Mt. Kilimanjaro
The photos featured below were taken at the "Sunrise Over Mount Kilimanjaro" fundraising event held in northern California. More than $40,000 was raised, and those funds will be used to prepare facilities, students, and teachers for the upcoming school year.

Asante Africa Foundation

Mount Kilimanjaro
Africa Travel Poster

Erna Grasz
Asante is the Swahili word for thank you. We are thankful to be active members of the communities we serve and we are grateful to our donors who fund projects that bring opportunity, choice and possibility to African villages.

Fundraising Gala (2011)
Asante Africa Foundation

Escape to Zanzibar
Thanks to generous contributors, greatly needed textbooks, uniforms, materials, and school lunches will now be available to support students in their studies. In addition, Asante Africa Foundation will be able to provide over 130 student scholarships, critically needed classrooms, science labs, and student sleeping accommodations.

Asante Africa Foundation

Mohamed Ilyas with Nyota Zameremeta
Orchestra of Zanzibar
Prosper Msafiri - Tanzania Program Manager
Each child we touch can become a self-sustaining, independent thinker who can influence the community.

Leadership Academy (2012)
Asante Africa Foundation

Leadership Academy
Asante Africa Foundation has created and implemented many programs to empower East Africa’s youth. Leadership Academy prepares students to confidently address life’s challenges, thrive in the global economy, and be the catalysts for positive change.

Asante Africa Foundation

Vintage Travel Poster

Global Campaign for Education
Education is the most powerful tool for reducing poverty, improving health, promoting healthier economies, and providing peaceful and productive opportunities for young people around the world.

Don't Exchange Girls for Cows ... Give Them Education
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Asante Africa Foundation
Educating Children to Think Outside the Box

Asante Africa Foundation

Asante Africa Foundation

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